Quran Downloads

  1. Firefox/Mozilla Multi Language Quran Search Plug in: This plug in will add our Multi Language Quran search engine bar to your firefox browser.
  2. Free Islamic Quran search engine CGI Script: Quran translation of the meanning in English search engine and listing CGI script for the Islamic sites to use.
  3. Google Islamic gadget:: Quran multi language Search engine: Add Quran Search in Multi languages box to your Google home page. The engine uses the Islamic Directory database and will return results from any of over 15 languages you may select.
  4. Holy Qur'an Viewer: Free, Multi-Language Qur'an (Koran) software: Multi-Language Quran package. Read Qur'an in upto 36 language (currently) Features Built-in Arabic, English, transliteration, commentary by Maududi. Full searching, Bookmarks, Index of Subjects and Glossary of 500 words is provided. Additional languages can be downloaded from the website and installed.
  5. Qur'an in Arabic In PDF: The full Arabic quran in PDF file.
  6. Qur'an translation to English In PDF Format: You can download a complete English translation of the Qur'an from the three sites. This version of the Quran translation is in pdf file format (About 1.2MB- Download may take several minutes ).
  7. Quran Random Displayer CGI Script: A FREE Islamic CGI script that will allow you to run your own random Quran Verse displayer script.
source : http://www.2muslims.com/