Software v2.0: Arabic-Indonesian Dictionar

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Kamus Bahasa Arab

Arabic Dictionary v2.0

1. Early vocabulary more than 95,000 words.
2. Support facilities pop-up windows, repair facilities pop-up windows.
3. Addition of 102 vocabulary 'asry (contemporary).
4. Improvement programming algorithm.
5. Making history records.
6. Repair Tool Tip Text "Arabic Dictionary" on the tray icon is too wide.
7. Improvements made as arab at فضلا be mashdar فضلا

Kamus Bahasa Arab v2.0

  1. Kosakata awal lebih dari 95.000 kata.
  2. Mendukung fasilitas windows pop-up, perbaikan fasilitas windows pop-up.
  3. Penambahan 102 kosakata ‘asry (kontemporer).
  4. Perbaikan algoritma pemrograman.
  5. Pembuatan catatan history.
  6. Perbaikan Tool Tip Text “Kamus Bahasa Arab” pada icon tray yang terlampau lebar.
  7. Perbaikan tulisan arab pada mashdar seperti فَضْلًا menjadi فَضْلاً

Kelebihan lain dari kamus ini adalah, memudahkan kita dalam mencari arti dalam Software Maktabah Syamilah, tinggal kita blok kata yang ingin di cari arti bahasa indonesianya, kemudian tekan ctrl + C (Copy file) maka akan muncul kosakata yang sesuai dari kamus beserta artinya.

Jika tulisan arab dalam software ini tidak terbaca berarti ada yang belum benar dengan instalasi windows anda, karena kamus ini hanya bisa berjalan dalam lingkungan windows yang mendukung tulisan arab.

Akan tetapi kamus ini masih memerlukan perbaikan, diantaranya:

  1. Penambahan sekitar 70.000 kosakata kontemporer (’asry), kamus ini selanjutnya akan memiliki sekitar 160.000 kosakata lebih. Insya Allah
  2. Perbaikan dalam metode pencarian
  3. Penambahan virtual keyboard
  4. Penambahan fasilitas-fasilitas lainnya

Harapannya kamus ini dapat digunakan untuk membantu penerjemahan baik teks klasik maupun kontemporer.

Untuk kontak dapat menghubungi pembuat kamus di ibnusurur[at]

Silakan Download Software Kamus Bahasa Arab v2.0 pada link di bawah ini:

Kamus Bahasa Arab v2.0

Semoga bermanfaat…

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Quran Auto Reciter 2.6


Quran Auto Reciter provides users with a program for listening and reading the Koran. Thanks to a set of simple controls and excellent sound, this program is a great tool for anyone interested in this classic text.

This program's interface looks slightly cluttered, but fortunately its various boxes, choices, and the media player all quickly make sense and feel intuitive. In addition, the program has a Help file waiting to be utilized, and anything highlighted in blue on the screen is a click away from a pop-up window with user hints. Operating the Quran Auto Reciter was pleasantly simple, with excellent results. The centerpiece of the program is scheduling five automated prayer reminders. Using simple pull-down calendars, users set the time to automatically recite Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha. In addition, playing crystal clear lectures and readings from the Koran is as simple as selecting a choice from the menu and hitting the Play button.

The program's special features are basic and provide depth to the overall package, which we really enjoyed. Users can read the Koran in several different languages, which was easy to access and utilize. In addition, users can schedule a lecture or reading to automatically play using the same calendaring function as the prayers. Quran Auto Reciter is an excellent program for users who want to hear the reading and schedule them to fit into their life. We highly recommend this freeware download.

Quran Auto Reciter 2.6 merupakan sebuah tool yang dapat membantu Anda untuk mendengarkan lantunan ayat-ayat suci Al-Qur’an. Tool ini memiliki database Al-Qur’an yang lengkap. Sebanyak 114 surat dalam 30 jus ada dalam tool ini. Anda tinggal memilih surat mana yang hendak Anda baca atau Anda dengarkan.

Pemutaran salah satu surat tersebut juga bisa dilakukan secara otomatis. Anda tinggal menentukan waktu pemutaran saja. Sayangnya, tool hanya menyediakan enam surat pendek saja. Untuk surat-surat lainnya, Anda harus mendownload-nya dari link yang telahdisediakan.

Freeware | File ZIP 444.3 KB | Free Download Qu’ran Auto Reciter 2.6

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Prayer Time PC 1.18 (program pengingat waktu shalat)

prayer time pc

Yes its here! Prayer Times PC that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Sun Solaris, HP, Linux/Unix and any other OS you can think of!
You can now depend on Prayer Times PC to give you accurate timings for the whole world!
Main features:
- Prayer Timings - Take the guess work out of calculating prayer times - make your computer benefit you by calculating accurate prayer timings for you. Thousands of cities available at your finger tips.
- Favourite Cities- Set and retrieve favourite cities with ease.
- Hijri Date Adjustments - Prayer Times allows you to adjust the hijri calendar by subtracting or adding days in order to reflect your current date.
- Add Custom Cities - Cant find your city in our database? No problem - enter details of your city and Prayer Times will remember them for you.
- Add Custom Athans - Do you like a particular Athan that youd like to be played at prayer times?
- Five Calculation Methods - Prayer Times offers five famous prayer times calculation methods so that you may be able to switch between them based on your personal preference and locality.
- Asr calculation methods - Prayer Times has both standard (Imam Shafi, Hanbali, Maliki) as well as Hanafi method.
- Add safety minutes to Zawal or Sunset - Prayer Times comes with 1 minute of safety to Zawal and Sunset, if you feel that is not enough, feel free to add more minutes.
- Dua after Athan - Listen to Dua after Athan, can be switched on or off

Prayer Time PC 1.18 merupakan sebuah program apilkasi pengingat waktu sholat yang dapat bekerja di berbagai Operating System antara lain: Windows, Linux, MacOS, dan masih banyak yang lain.

Aplikasi ini dapat memberi informasi waktu sholat di dunia.
Beberapa fitur yang dimiliki software ini antara lain :

- Waktu Sholat
- Kalender Hijriyah
- Beberapa pilihan kota
- Beberapa model adzan
- dll.

Freeware | File ZIP 444.3 KB | Free Download Prayer Time PC 1.18


More than 1,000 Germans converted to Islam over past year



Dialog Muslin -Kristen


Web Offline: (

Web Offline:

The 20th century was the bloodiest age in all of world history.
During this era, for the first time, humanity was introduced to the concept of a “world war.”

Taken together, World Wars I and II resulted in a total of 65 million people losing their lives. About half of these casualties were civilians who had nothing to do with these wars. Children, defenseless women and the elderly alike were massacred cruelly. So, one might ask, how did the world find itself in the midst of such colossal insanity?

How did people so easily sacrifice both their own nations and those of others? What sort of thought lay behind this cruelty? In this site, you can discover the answers.

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(433 Kb Available in Indonesian Language/CHM file)


Presentation: The Miracle of the Honeybee

Watch this presentation to learn the amazing skills of honeybees, witness their art of architecture and see how the bees reflect God's wisdom, as it is reflected in the Qur'an: Your Lord inspired the bees... (An-Nahl, 68)

And they have other uses for them, and drinks. So will they not be thankful? (Surah Ya Sin: 73)

Civil wars, slaughter, problems within families, people who kill without a qualm, children living on the streets, people freezing to death from a lack of shelter, murderers no older than children, youth gangs, civic and political corruption . . .

When one thinks about these social problems, which have become part and parcel of today's daily life, the same imperfection can be seen at the root of them all. This same common imperfection also underlies such corrupt moral values as injustice, fraud, hypocrisy and ruthlessness that cause these problems to emerge.

This grave imperfection is that people fail to think-and thus, fail to see the truth. For such people, all that matters is their own interests, their own lives. They are unconcerned by what goes on around them. At the same time, what limited topics they do think about, again center upon themselves. For that reason, they live within the confines of their own rights and wrongs. They regard living the course of their daily lives as sufficient, never sparing a thought for vital issues such as the reason for their presence in this world.

They never consider the features of the living things around them, or how it is that these have emerged so flawlessly and in such variety. They are therefore unaware that all these things-their own bodies, the equilibrium in the heavens, in short, everything and anything-are created by God. They are unable to properly appreciate Him, the Creator of the entire universe, and His infinite might. They never become aware of the reason for their own creation and the fact that they owe responsibilities to God. The fact is, however, that a great many verses in the Qur'an emphasize the importance of thinking and the fact that only thoughtful people will heed advice.

Verses refer to people who think and thus achieve awareness of the might of God:

In the creation of the heavens and the Earth, and the alternation of night and day, there are signs for people with intelligence: those who remember God, standing, sitting and lying on their sides, and reflect on the creation of the heavens and the Earth: "Our Lord, You have not created this for nothing. Glory be to You! So safeguard us from the punishment of the Fire." (Surah Al 'Imran: 190-191) .....

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(8.8 Mb) Available in English Language/Swf, Exe file)

Ebook :Tafsir Ibn Katsir

The old record of Buya Hamka

BUYA HAMKA - dari_gelap_menuju_terang
file location :
BUYA HAMKA - Hidup Sesudah Mati
file location :
Buya HAMKA - Puasa Ramadhan
file location :
BUYA HAMKA - Hidup Sesudah Mati
file location :
BUYA HAMKA - dari_gelap_menuju_terang
file location :
BUYA HAMKA - Pegangan Hidup
file location :
BUYA HAMKA - Hidup Sesudah Mati
file location :
BUYA HAMKA - dari_gelap_menuju_terang
file location :
file location :
Buya HAMKA - Puasa Ramadhan
file location :

ya hamka"
Lagu Minang - Salamaik Jalan Buya Hamka (Zalmon)
file location :
BUYA HAMKA - Hidup Sesudah Mati
file location :
BUYA HAMKA - dari_gelap_menuju_terang
file location :
BUYA HAMKA - Hidup Sesudah Mati
file location :
Buya HAMKA - Puasa Ramadhan
file location :
Hamka - Ceramah Haji 2
file location :
Hamka - Ceramah Haji 3
file location :
Hamka - Ceramah Haji 1
file location :
Hamka - Ceramah Haji 4
file location :
Hamka - Ceramah Haji 2
file location :

Hamka - Ceramah Haji 3
file location :
Hamka - Ceramah Haji 1
file location :
Hamka - Ceramah Haji 4
file location :
Hamka - Ceramah Haji part 2
file location :
Hamka - Ceramah Haji part 1
file location :
Hamka - Ceramah Haji part 3
file location :
Hamka - Ceramah Haji part 4
file location :

ebook : Shiyam fi Ramadhan (puasa di bulan Ramadhan)

Ramadhan bulan yang diberkati, di mana Allah telah mengfardhukan ke atasmu. puasa. Dibuka padanya pintu‐pintu syurga dan ditutup padanya pintu‐pintu neraka, ... Muhammad s.a.w secara khususnya difardhukan puasa bulan Ramadhan. tersebut berdasarkan Surah al‐Baqarah, ayat 185: ...

Bekal Puasa Ramadhan
Pengertian Shaum (Puasa) Shaum secara bahasa bermakna menahan, adapun secara istilah syar'i adalah ... Bekal Puasa Ramadhan. Pesantren Ramadhan 1429 H. SMUN 4 Jember. 11. Dengan hadits diatas, jumhûr (mayoritas) 'ulama berpendapat bahwa muntah dengan ...

sebulan bulan Ramadhan. Perintah wajib puasa turun pada bulan Sya'ban Tahun 2 Hijrah. Dalil. Perintah wajib puasa : Surah Al-Baqarah Ayat 183: ... Telah melihat anak bulan Ramadhan atau mensabitkan bulan Ramadhan. dengan menggenapkan bulan Sya'ban 30 hari. Sah Puasa: 1) ...

"Barangsiapa yang puasa Ramadhan karena iman dan mengharapkan pahala. niscaya diampuni baginya dosa-dosanya yang terdahulu. ... Bagi orang yang puasa dikabulkan segala do'a!! Maka jadikanlah –wahai saudaraku- dari bulan Ramadhan sebagai bulan ...

Agar Ibadah Puasa Lebih Bermakna
"Dahulu ketika kami melakukan shaum/puasa, Rasulullah tidak pernah. shalat (malam) berjama'ah bersama kami hingga bulan Ramadhan hanya. tersisa tujuh hari lagi. ... Puasa Ramadhan. Syaikh Abdullah bin Jarillah menyebutkan beberapa hal yang seyogyanya diperhatikan. oleh orang yang berpuasa. ...

Persoalan Semasa Berkaitan Ibadah Di Bulan Ramadhan
Ramadhan telah ditentukan oleh Allah Ta'ala sebagai bulan suci untuk. melatih hambaNya membersihkan jiwa dan mencapai ketakwaan. melalui ibadah puasa. ... memulakan puasa Ramadhan di Mekah lebih awal satu hari dari. Malaysia, di mana apabila beliau balik, puasanya sudah. cukup 30 ...

Memperbaiki beberapa kesalahan dalam bulan Ramadhan
Sehubungan dengan makin dekatnya bulan Ramadhan dan untuk menjaga agar. ibadah pada bulan tersebut (khususnya ibadah puasa) lepas dari kesalahan, ... Sering orang menyangka bahwa puasa Ramadhan yang ia lakukan sudah sesuai. dengan tuntunan syari'at Islam, namun kadang ada beberapa hal yang tidak ...

Puasa Ramadhan merupakan satu tuntutan fardhu ain yang wajib. dikerjakan oleh setiap orang Islam yang mukallaf. Mengerjakan ... setiap malam bulan Ramadhan, iaitu setelah terbenam. matahari sehingga sebelum terbit fajar Shadiq. Jika sesorang itu terlupa untuk berniat puasa pada waktu ...

Maktabah Raudhah al-Muhibbin
Pelajaran Pertama: Hukum Puasa. Berpuasa pada bulan Ramadhan adalah kewajiban yang ditetapkan dalam. Kitabullah, Sunnah Rasul ... dilakukan pada siang hari di bulan Ramadhan, dimana puasa diwajibkan, maka. ia diwajibkan untuk membayar kafarat atas keburukan yang dia lakukan, yakni ...

ﹶ ﻗ ِ ﷲﺍ ﹸﻝﻮ ﺳ ﺭ ﹶﻝﺎ
Maksudnya: "Sesiapa yang berpuasa Ramadhan kemudian diikuti. dengan puasa enam hari pada bulan Syawal, ... Puasa Ramadhan yang ditinggalkan adalah wajib diqadha. sebanyak hari yang ditinggalkan itu sebagaimana yang telah. ditetapkan oleh Allah Subahanhu wa Ta ala dalam firmanNya: ...

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