Hadith Downloads

  1. Free Islamic Hadith search engine CGI Script: Full Hadith collection of all four books translation in English search engine and listing CGI script for the Islamic sites to use.
  2. Google Islamic gadget:: Hadith Search engine: Add Hadith search engine box to your Google home page. The engine uses the Islamic Directory database and will return results from within Muslim, Bukhari and Mwata Malek all in one.
  3. Hadith Random Displayer CGI Script: A FREE Islamic CGI script that will allow you to run your own random Hadith displayer script.
  4. Hadith Search Plug in for Firefox/Mozilla users: This plug in will add our hadith search engine bar to your firefox browser.
  5. Hadith Viewer: Free Multilingual Hadith software: Advanced Multilingual Hadith software (sayings/actions attributed to The Prophet Muhammad). Supports plug-in Hadith collections (in different languages). Includes Full Arabic Text of Ahadith agreed upon by Imam's Bukhari and Muslim is is built into Hadith Viewer along with it's english translation. English translation of a collection of over 1900 Ahadith compiled by Imam Nawawi also provided. Features include glossary of (500 words) and more...
  6. Hadith-Qudsi - The "Forty Sacred Hadith" version 1.1: Hadith Qudsi are of enourmous theological value as they reflect meanings that Almighty Allah has portrayed in dreams or Visions of The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), This Desktop software is a collection of 40 Hadith Qudsi. You can read more about these Sacred Hadith and how they differ from other Hadith in the Introduction.
source : http://www.2muslims.com/