Ebook Islamic way of Life

The Qur'an and Modern Science... Compatible or Incompatible?

Ebook: Atlas of Creation ( Penciptaan Atlas)

The fossil record is perhaps the most important evidence that demolishes the theory of evolution's claims. Fossils reveal that life forms on Earth have never undergone even the slightest change and have never developed into one another. Examining the fossil record, we see that living things are exactly the same today as they were hundreds of millions of years ago—in other words, that they never underwent evolution. Even during the most ancient periods, life forms emerged suddenly with all their complex structures–with the perfect and superior features, just as do their counterparts today.
This demonstrates one indisputable fact: Living things did not come into being through the imaginary processes of evolution. All the living things that have ever existed on Earth were created by God. This fact of creation is once again revealed in the traces left behind them by flawless living things.
This book will provide you with not only such information as what fossils are and where and how they are found, but also a closer examination of a variety of fossil specimens, millions of years old, that are still able to declare, "We never underwent evolution; we were created." The fossils discussed and illustrated in this book are just a few examples of the hundreds of millions of specimens that prove the fact of creation. And even these few are enough to prove that the theory of evolution is a major hoax and deception in the history of science.

Rekaman fosil mungkin petunjuk terpenting yang menghancurkan pernyataan-pernyataan teori evolusi. Fosil-fosil mengungkapkan bahwa bentuk-bentuk kehidupan di Bumi tidak pernah mengalami perubahan sedikit jua dan tidak pernah berkembang ke satu sama lain. Dengan meneliti rekaman fosil, kita melihat bahwa mahluk-mahluk hidup hari ini persis sama sebagaimana mereka jutaan tahun silam—yakni, bahwa mereka tidak pernah menjalani evolusi. Bahkan selama masa-masa paling purba, bentuk-bentuk kehidupan muncul mendadak bersama dengan semua struktur rumit mereka—dengan ciri-ciri yang sempurna dan unggul, sebagaimana sesama mereka hari ini.
Ini menunjukkan satu fakta tidak terbantahkan: Mahluk-mahluk hidup tidak mewujud lewat proses khayalan evolusi. Semua mahluk hidup yang pernah ada di Bumi diciptakan oleh Allah. Fakta penciptaan ini sekaligus tersingkap dalam jejak-jejak yang ditinggalkan oleh mahluk-mahluk hidup tanpa cela ini.
Buku ini akan memberikan Anda bukan hanya dengan informasi semacam apakah fosil itu dan di mana dan bagaimana fosil ditemukan, namun juga suatu pemerian lebih mendalam aneka spesimen fosil, jutaan tahun umurnya, yang masih mampu berseru, “Kami tidak pernah menjalani evolusi; kami diciptakan.” Fosil-fosil yang dibahas dan digambarkan di dalam buku ini hanyalah beberapa contoh dari ratusan juta spesimen yang membuktikan fakta penciptaan. Namun, sejumput fosil ini telah cukup untuk membuktikan bahwa teori evolusi adalah dusta dan muslihat besar dalam sejarah ilmu pengetahuan.

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Presentation: The Miracle Planet : EARTH

The existence of life and its continuation depend on a very delicate stability. If you are to think about it, there is only one single conclusion you can come up with: Whole living creatures and the world we live in are specially designed.

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Ebook :Islam dihujat

Answering book The Islamic Invasion (Robert Morey)
By : Hj Irena Handono
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Ebook :Akitab di Dunia Modern

By: Prof. James Barr
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Ebook Bibel ,Quran dan Sains Modern

By : Dr. Maurice Bucaille
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Ebook Perfected Faith (Iman Yang Sempurna)

But how does a believer’s faith grow mature and become perfect? The purpose of this book is to define the "perfected faith" and explain what is a person of perfected faith like, from what kind of a belief in Allah does he have to about which matters does he talk and how does he pray and what does he ask for.


Allah sent down the Qur'an as guidance to man. Living by the "morality of the Qur'an" in its true sense can only be possible through practicing all that is enjoined in these verses.

There are some who fail to recognise this fact and pay meticulous attention to complying with some commands of the Qur'an while disregarding others. They perform some forms of worship to the letter, yet fail to display the moral perfection of which Allah gives a clear picture in the Qur'an. According to such people, saying, "I believe in Allah" alone is sufficient. However, in the Qur'an Allah warns people against this rationale: "Do people imagine that they will be left to say, 'We believe,' and will not be tested?" (Surat al-'Ankabut, 2) This verse makes it clear that, as well as what he professes, the way a believer conducts himself must also prove that he truly lives to earn Allah's approval. That is to say that he must display the morality that he hopes to please Him.

That is the way to become a true believer. One's sincere endeavour to display the values that pleases Allah is the sole criterion of one's sincerity.

There is a misconception prevalent among people about this. The majority of them believe that displaying the values of the Qur'an is a virtue peculiar to the prophets and the believers with moral perfection exemplified therein. This is simply not so. The lives of these people are exemplified in the Qur'an so that others may also adopt the same values and follow in their footsteps. In this way, Allah summons all believers to comply with the commands of the Qur'an and to live scrupulously by Islamic principles.

When one sincerely follows the voice of one's conscience and strives for the cause of religion, one can live by the values of the Qur'an just as well as the true believers described in its verses. One verse reads:

Then We caused Our chosen servants to inherit the Book. But some of them wrong themselves; some are ambivalent; and some outdo each other in good by Allah's permission. That is the great favour. (Surah Fatir, 32)

As the above verse maintains, some people may either fail to follow the path to which Allah invites him and thus suffers loss, or some become the forerunners in moral perfection and hope for salvation.

A believer of strong faith strives to attain the highest levels of moral perfection of which he is capable. He knows that he can please Allah and earn His love and pleasure only in this way. This is indeed the purpose of his existence on earth; to be able to earn the good pleasure of Allah and His consent through properly appreciating Him.

Everyone is responsible for aiming at moral perfection and striving towards that end. No boundaries limit such a noble human endeavour. Each believer who has a deep-seated faith in Allah and strives sincerely to draw closer to Him can display this moral perfection and thus attain the "maturity of faith".

One of the purposes of this book is to define the "perfected faith" one can attain through turning to Allah for every deed, striving to earn the approval and friendship of Allah and displaying moral perfection under all circumstances. Another purpose is to make it clear that nothing hinders man from attaining the moral perfection displayed by prophets, provided that he fears and reveres no one but Allah and strives sincerely for His cause. Over and above this, the intention in writing this book is to stress that putting forth a "sincere" effort to attain the hereafter is a praiseworthy act in Allah's sight. In one verse, Allah states the following about this issue:

But as for anyone who desires the hereafter, and strives for it as he ought to, being a true believer, shall have his endeavours be gratefully acknowledged. (Surat al-Isra', 19)

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The Miracle of Creation in Elephants (Keajaiban Penciptaan Gajah)

In the Qur’an, people are summoned to contemplate numerous events and objects that clearly testify to the existence and uniqueness of Allah and His attributes. In the Qur’an, all these beings that bear witness are designated as "signs", meaning "tested evidence, absolute knowledge and expression of truth". Therefore, the signs of Allah comprise all the beings in the universe that disclose and communicate the being and attributes of Allah. Those who can observe and remember will see that the entire universe is only composed of the signs of Allah.

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Ebook Keajaiban Hormon

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Ebook : Hakikat Kehidupan di Dunia

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Ebook :1.Selamat Datang Di Dunia Semut- 2. Skilful Dam Constructors: Beavers

1. The World of our little Friends,the Ants(Selamat Datang Di Dunia Semut)

What do you think about ants? Do you know about their abilities and intelligent behavior? Do you know why Omar is fascinated by the little world of the ants? If you want to learn the answers to these questions, read this book…

2. Skilful Dam Contructors :beavers (Berang-Berang Sang Ahli Pembuat Bendungan)

When you read this book you, along with Karim, will learn a great deal about beavers. You will learn that Karim's new friends build intricate constructions with innate skills. You will wonder how beavers can come into possession of these without going to school. And finally, you will learn that it is God, the Creator of all of us, Who endowed them with these skills.

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Ebook :1 Penciptaan Alam semesta-2.Rahasia Kekebalan Tubuh

1. The Creation of the Universe (Penciptaan Alam Semesta)

Ruling over the world of science in the 19th century, the materialist philosophy had proposed that the universe is an uncontrolled heap of matter that existed since infinite time. The discoveries made in the twentieth century, however, entirely refuted this materialist claim. Today, science has proven that the universe had a beginning, that is, it was created from nothing. With this beginning called the Big Bang, both matter and time were created from nothing.
Moreover, the discoveries made in the last 30-40 years have revealed that the physical balances of the universe are organized in an extraordinarily precise way. All physical balances of the universe from the rate of the explosion (Big Bang), to the values of the four basic forces of physics, from the nuclear reactions in stars to the structure of atom, are tailored to support human life. The structure of the earth, its place in space, and its atmosphere are all designed just as they have to be. The physical and chemical properties of atoms such as carbon and oxygen, or molecules such as water are ordered to make human life possible. Shortly put, there is no room for coincidence in the universe. The entire universe is created according to a certain purpose and in a glorious equilibrium, harmony and order. This is the exalted and flawless creation of Allah, "the Lord of All Worlds". Allah states this fact as follows in the Qur’an:
Your Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in six days and then settled Himself firmly on the Throne. He covers the day with the night and, each pursuing the other urgently; and the sun and moon and stars are subservient to His command. Both creation and command belong to Him. Blessed be Allah, the Lord of all worlds. (Surat al-Araf: 54)

2. The Miracle of the Immune system (Rahasia Kekebalan Tubuh)

When the events of "sickness" and "recovering" take place, our bodies become a battleground in of a bitter struggle. Microbes intrude into our body and reproduce rapidly. The body, however, has a mechanism that combats them. Known as the "immune system", this mechanism is the most disciplined, complex and successful army of the world. This system proves that the human body is the outcome of a unique design. In other words, the human body is an evidence of the flawless creation of God.

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Ebook :1 Rahasia DNA-2.Hari Akhir dan Al Mahdi

2. (Hari Akhir dan Al Mahdi)

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Ebook :Why Darwinism is Incompatible With the Qur'an (Mengapa Darwinisme Bertentangan dg Al-Quran)

This book replies from a very different perspective to the errors of those believers who still support the theory of evolution. Muslims who believe in the theory of evolution must consider this book carefully. Some may support the theory because they are unaware of its underlying philosophy, that it is supported solely for the sake of atheism. This book displays what they fail to see. Moreover, the book explains that a "theistic evolution" is not also acceptable, because the creation account in the Holy Qur'an is not compatible with any evolutionary model.

Different concepts may come to mind when the theory of evolution is mentioned. Some people, mainly materialists who think that it is a scientifically proven fact, fiercely support it and, equally fiercely, reject all ideas opposed to it.
A second group consists of people who are not well-informed about the theory of evolution's claims. They are not particularly interested in it, since they do not realize the harm that Darwinism has done to humanity over the last century and a half. They see no problem with how it is imposed on people and fiercely defended, despite its scientific invalidity, for they have closed their eyes to what is going on.
Even if they know that this theory has lost all scientific credibility, they cannot take seriously those who still find it important, because they themselves do not consider it important. They consider it unnecessary to explain the theory's invalidity or to publish books and hold conferences on the subject, for in their eyes the theory is already "old hat" or passé.
A third group consists of those who, under the influence of materialist suggestion and propaganda, view this theory as scientific fact and look for a "middle way" between it and belief in God. They accept Darwinism's account of the origin of life word for word, yet try to build a bridge between the theory of evolution and religious belief by maintaining that this account operates under God's control.
In reality, each of these views is mistaken, for the theory of evolution cannot reasonably be portrayed as scientific fact, passed off as unimportant, or adapted to religion. As we shall see throughout this book, the theory's ideological framework consists of anti-religious thought put forward to strengthen atheism and to give it a firm foundation. Moreover, it is fiercely defended by people who have been persuaded by materialism, for it is constructed on materialist philosophy and offers a materialist commentary on the world. From the time it was first put forward by Charles Darwin and right up to the present day, it has brought humanity nothing but conflict, exploitation, war, and degeneration. Given this, it is essential that we acquire a sound understanding of the subject and launch a serious fight against it on the ideological level.This book replies from a very different perspective to the errors of those believers who still support the theory of evolution. It offers a response to those Muslims who look for common ground between the theory of evolution and the fact of creation, and who even try to find evidence for the theory in the Qur'an. The purpose is not to criticize Muslim evolutionists, but rather to explain that their attitude is mistaken, to assist them on the level of ideas, and to be a means whereby they can adopt a more correct perspective.Two other facts will be discussed in this book: First, that Darwinism is a theory that lacks any scientific foundation, and second, that its real target is religion. Therefore, it will emphasize how wrong it is for Muslims to take the theory lightly or to underestimate it, and to see no need to wage an intellectual struggle against it.
Believers should avoid defending this theory and its ideological meaning, for both contradict the truths of Islam. Some may support the theory because they are unaware of the disasters that it has visited upon humanity, that it is supported by people who hate religion, and that it rejects the fact of creation. That being the case, those Muslims who have only a little information on the subject should avoid going down that road, for as Allah tells the faithful in the Qur'an:

Do not pursue what you have no knowledge of. Hearing, sight and hearts will all be questioned. (Qur'an, 17: 36)

Exemplary Muslims should research the matter in all sincerity and behave according to the realization that:

... Those who have become Muslim are those who sought right guidance. (Qur'an, 72: 14)

As the above verse commands, Muslims who believe in the theory of evolution must consider this theory carefully, carry out wide-ranging research, and make their decision according to their consciences. This book has been written to help them do so and to shed some light upon the path that they are following.

The men and women of the believers are friends of one another. They command what is right and forbid what is wrong, and establish prayer and pay welfare and charity, and obey Allah and His Messenger. They are the people on whom Allah will have mercy. Allah is Almighty, All - Wise. (Qur'an, 9: 71)

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Ebooks Harun Yahya 5 in 1

1. Some Secret of the Qur'an (Bebarapa Rahasia Al-Qur'an)
2. Quick Grasp of Faith (Cara Cepat Meraih Keimanan)
3. Let's Learn Our Islam (Indahnya Islam Kita)
4. Seeing Good in All (Melihat Kebaikan di Segala Hal)
5. Berfikirlah Sejak Anda Bangun Tidur

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Ebook The World of Animals (Pesona Alam Satwa)

Dear Kids! In this book you will learn about the fascinating and admirable features of the lovely animals in nature. While reading the book, you will see how God has created all creatures in the most beautiful way, and how every one of them shows us His endless beauty, power and knowledge

"Do you know all the animals?" We can hear you saying, "Not really. Only some of them." Do you know about these creatures' lives? Do you know how they are born? How they live? How they protect themselves and find food? You probably have no idea about most of the details of these animals' lives. But don't worry! As you read this book, you will learn astounding things about them and be amazed at the various perfections and fine qualities Allah has given these living creatures.

You are already acquainted with many animals. But in this book, you will also get to know some other animals' secret and marvellous worlds, which you have most probably never heard about or seen. You will like them very much. As you continue reading, you will be amazed at the way these animals can accomplish some of the tasks they do. You will see ostriches - the fastest runners in the world, tigers - some of the best sprinters, sharp-teethed squirrels, eye-catching peacocks and, as you meet them, you will come to know them better. Meanwhile, keep in mind that these are only some of the animals that exist in the world… Our planet abounds with countless other animal species.

While seeing the beauties of these creatures, keep in mind that Allah, the Creator of all these creatures, only wants us to think about the infinite might and art in His creation, recognise that He has created everything and that He is the owner of every living being. He also wants us to see the beauty in these living creatures, to take pleasure from their beauty and thereby love Allah and be grateful to Him because He has created all these splendid creatures.

The creation of all the universe, all the lovely animals, plants, night and day and everything surrounding you serves a single purpose: to come to be able to see the sublime and flawless creation of Allah. The purpose is simply to make us, human beings, say, "How graciously Allah has created!" Reading The World of Animals will provide this outlook on the living creatures you see around you.

Are you ready? Now, turn the page and embark on The World of Animals! There is a whole world of wonderful animals waiting for you inside!

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Ebook The Design in Nature (Keajaiban Desain di Alam)

Darwin said: "If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down." When you read this book, you will see that Darwin's theory has absolutely broken down, just as he feared it would.
Creatures in nature have extremely complex body systems. A thorough examination of the feathers of a bird, the sonar system of a bat or the wing structure of a fly reveals amazingly complex designs. These designs clearly indicate that all living things are flawlessly created by Allah.
The theory of evolution advanced by Charles Darwin in the 19th century denies creation and suggests that design in nature came into existence “spontaneously and accidentally” through natural processes. According to the theory of evolution, the basic mechanism of this phenomenon is “gradual development.”
Scientific developments in the 20th century, however, have shown that designs in creatures cannot be attributed to “gradual development.” Living bodies consist of organs made up of intricate components, the absence of even one of which would render that organ useless. Even these “irreducibly complex” organs alone clearly prove that life cannot be accounted for by natural causes but was flawlessly created by Allah.
In this book, you will see the proofs of Allah’s perfect creation.

The lobster eye is composed of numerous squares. These well-arranged squares are in fact the ends of tiny square tubes. The sides of each one of these square tubes are like mirrors that reflect the incoming light. This reflected light is focused onto the retina flawlessly. The sides of the tubes inside the eye are lodged at such perfect angles that they all focus onto a single point.

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Ebook Allah'S Artistry in Colour and The Miracle in the spider

1.Allah'S Artistry in Colour (Cita Rasa Seni Warna Ilahi)

Colours, patterns, spots even lines if each living being existing in nature have a meaning. For some species, colours serve as a communication tool; for others, they are a warning against enemies. An attentive eye would immediately recognize that the colours of living beings are created just as they should be. Furthermore, he would realize that everything is given to the service of man: the blue sky, the colorful flowers, the bright green trees and meadows, together with innumerable beauties surrounding man.

2.The Miracle in the spider (Keajaiban Laba Laba)

This is not a biological treatise on the tiny creature called a spider. It is indeed about the spider but the reality it reveals and the message it gives is much more significant. Just as a tiny key opens a huge door, this book will open new horizons for its readers. And the reality behind that door is the most important reality that one can come across in one’s lifetime. Relating the amazing and admirable features of spiders known by few people and asking the questions of

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Web Offline: www.tragedipalestina.com


Palestine broke free from Ottoman rule after the First World War with the help of the invading British army, but could never achieve the state of peace and security that it had enjoyed under the Ottomans. Over the course of nearly a century, thousands of innocent people have been killed by Israeli terror, massacres, and torture. Millions of innocent Palestinians have been forced from their homes and their homeland and sentenced to live in poverty, at the brink of starvation, in refugee camps. All efforts to solve this oppression and cruelty, played out before the world's eyes, and to build a sustainable regional peace have failed. The phony peace initiatives carried out under the auspices of Western governments have proven to be of no use, other than to buy time for Israel to carry out new tactics for depopulating the territories it occupied.

First of all, we must realize that the events in Palestine are much more than merely a ware between Arabs and Israelis. A struggle for existence is being waged by the Palestinians, whose lands and rights were removed forcibly by occupying Israeli forces. What is more, the lands in question contain sites that are sacred to Muslims. Palestine is very important to Muslims because of Jerusalem, the Muslims' first qibla, and the site of the Prophet Mohammed's miraculous mi'raj (night journey). Furthermore, Palestine is sacred not only to Jews and Muslims, but to Christians as well. For these reasons, it is folly to try and keep Palestinian lands, Jerusalem in particular, under the authority of an exclusively nationalist political entity or to recognize the rights of only one religious or national group. Palestine must be a land where Jews, Christians, and Muslims can live together in peace and fulfill their religious duties as they wish.

A merciless struggle continues today between the two peoples living in the land of Palestine. On the one hand, the well-equipped Israeli army is carrying out a policy of all-out destruction; on the other, radical Palestinian groups are carrying out suicide bombings against helpless Israeli citizens. This book will discuss the grave error of trying to solve existing problems through violence, and how a real solution might be devised.

Here one important fact must not be ignored - the Palestinians are being subjected to cruelty and humiliation while the entire world watches. While Palestinian civilians daily find themselves the targets of Israeli soldiers' bullets, while millions of people spend many years in hunger and poverty in refugee camps, while many Muslims (including women) are tortured in Israeli prisons, there are grave responsibilities incumbent upon all Muslims who believe in God and fear the Day of Judgment. The first responsibility is to fight the racist, intolerant, Social Darwinistic ideologies that form the basis of all unfairness and injustice in the world.

As you read these lines, know that the struggle of thousands of beleaguered Palestinians to remain on their lands continues in all of its violence. The occupying Israeli forces may be bombing Palestinian cities or refugee camps. Possibly, children will be going to school under helicopter fire, and families who were forced to flee over 50 years ago will still be trying to scratch out an existence in the refugee camps. In any part of the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, or Jerusalem, Palestinians today will endure oppression and cruelty mostly because they are "Muslim."

For these reasons, every person of conscience must reflect upon this situation. The responsibility of following media stories about this cruelty and barbarism, and then continuing to live as if nothing has happened, no doubt will be a heavy burden to bear. In fact, the Qur'an tells us that each person who has faith and who adheres to his or her conscience is responsible to struggle on behalf of those who have been oppressed:

What reason could you have for not fighting in the Way of God - for those men, women, and children who are oppressed and say: "Our Lord, take us out of this city whose inhabitants are wrongdoers! Give us a protector from You! Give us a helper from You!" (Qur'an, 4:75)

The responsibility borne by those who hear this command and wish to rush to the aid of those experiencing cruelty is that explained by: "Let there be a community among you who call to the good, enjoin the right, and forbid the wrong. They are the ones who have success" (Qur'an, 3:104). This responsibility is to invite all people to believe in God and experience the beauty of religious morality, and to wage an intellectual struggle against all ideologies that are hostile to God's religion and the Qur'an's ethics.

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Ebook Mungkinkah Syiah dan Sunnah Bersatu?

By: Syaikh Muhibbuddin Al Khatiib

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Ebook Sejarah Hidup Muhammad

By: Muhammad Husain Haekal
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Ebook JIL Sebuah Doktrin Yang Telah Usang

By :Ustadz Muhammad Arifin Badri

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Ebook Hakikat Tasawuf

By: Ustadz Abdullah Taslim, Lc.

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Ebook Mengungkap Rahasia Al-Qur'an

By Allamah M.H. Thabathaba'i

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