Islamic Screen Savers Downloads

  1. Al Fatiha Islamic Screen Saver: This screen saver explains the first surah Al-Fatiha of the Holy Quran. It contains the arabic image, english translations and audio sound.
  2. Al-hajj Islamic Screen Saver: Features Tawaf In Mecca around the kabaa.
  3. Bouncing Crescents (1) Islamic Screen Saver: This is a cool little screensaver that has a spinning crescent which collides with other crescents, sending them bouncing around your screen. The sound effects are pretty cool, too.
  4. Bouncing Crescents (2) Islamic Screen Saver: This is the follow up to the largely successful Bouncing Crescents Screensaver. It features a black celestial background, which is better for your monitor.
  5. Five Pillars of Islam: This screen saver details one by one the Five Pillars of Islam. A brief explanation is given for each pillar with references from the Holy Quran and Hadith.
  6. Isalmic Three Mosques: Islamicart Screen Savers are installed automatically into the Windows control panel by the user running the screen saver setup wizard, this unpacks everything required to run the screen saver and makes it the Windows default.
  7. Islamic Art Islamic Screen Saver: Some Islamic arts, Simple and pretty.
  8. Islamic Internet sites Screen saver: Features A flying stars of some masjeeds and some islamic web sites addresses.
  9. Islamic science Islamic Screen Saver: Features a rotating sphere inscribed with Ayats from the holy book.
  10. Kaaba Screensaver: This screensaver has a nice background picture of the Kaaba in Makkah and random sprite images of the Kaaba moving around the screen. It's nice because it has old pictures of the Kaaba as well as some new ones.
  11. Last Three Surahs of the Holy Quran: This screen saver contains both arabic image and english translations of the last three chapters (Surahs) of the Holy Quran.
  12. Mosques Around the World (Paintings): This screen saver features selected paintings of Mosques around the world painted by the Chinese artist, Sean Wang.
  13. Mosques Around the World (Photos): This screen saver features twelve photos of the most famous mosques of the world, including the three holy mosques.
  14. Qur'anic Recitation Screensaver: This screen saver was created by a Muslim friend in Turkey. It features the Qur'anic recitation of a Turkish sheikh in the background. A sound card and speakers are required to get the full effect of this screensaver.
  15. Qur'anic Screensaver: A very nice Quran screen saver.
  16. Qur'anic Verses Screensaver: This screen saver features various photos superimposed with English translations of Qur'anic text. It is a good form of Dawah as well as a good way to learn a few verses from the Qur'an.
  17. Rotating Ayah Islamic Screensaver: This is an incredible screen saver with Qur'anic calligraphy and a rotating sphere inscribed with an Ayah from the Qur'an. It features superb graphics and an excellent visual display
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