Treatment of Minorities in Christianity and Islam

Dr. Jamal Badawi was born and raised in Egypt. He received his bachelors degree from Ain Shams University in Cairo. He thereafter moved to the U.S. and attended Indiana University, where he earned both his masters and doctoral degrees in the department of Business Administration.

A highly sought-after lecturer, Dr. Badawi has been one of the best known Muslim speakers in the West for two decades. He has written numerous books on Islam and Muslim-Christian issues. Some titles of his published works are: Selected prayers; Gender Equity in Islam; Muhammad in the Bible; Status of Women in Islam; Polygamy in Islamic Law; and Islam: A Brief Look.

Badawi is the director of the Islamic Information Foundation (located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada), which is a non-profit entity that characterizes itself as striving to promote a better understanding of Islam by both Muslims and non-Muslims. He is also a professor of in the departments of management and religious studies at St. Mary University (Halifax). Previously, he has taught a course on Islam at Stanford University. He is currently a member of the Fiqh Council of North America, the Islamic Society of North America, the Consultative Council of North America, and the Juristic Council of North America.


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ebook : Problem and Solution (Shakwaa wa Hulul)

Judul asli: Problem and Solution (Shakwaa wa Hulul)
Penulis: Syaikh Muhammad Shalih al-Munajjid
File: 493 kb pdf
halaman: 31

E-Book berikut ini membahas lima permasalahan yang seringkali dihadapi oleh sebagian orang, yakni ketinggalan shalat subuh, tertawa yang belebihan, sulit tidur, rasa was-was serta sikap yang mudah marah (emosional).

Dalam eBook ini Syaikh al-Munajjid membahas kelima persoalan ini, menampilkan jalan keluarnya dengan membahasnya dari segi teori, yakni dalil-dalil dari Al-Qur’an dan As-Sunnah, dan praktek-praktek yang dapat diterapkan seseorang untuk megobati dirinya dari permasalahan-permasalan tersebut.

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Priests' Journey from Christianity to ISLAM

This book is available in these languages:
1 - Priests' Journey from Christianity to ISLAM English (Eng)

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The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) from A to Z and more…

All Quran Mp3 Sites in the World.!!

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The recitation of the holy Quran by Shaikh Abdulrahman Al-Sudays. It really easy to download into your pc too, Just by clicking right button of your mouse and then select " Save target as".

Recitation of Sheikh Mohammed Al Mohaisany:

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The whole Quran in Arabic and the meanings of every Ayah explained in English:

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The four Imaam of the Prophets Mosque (Salla Allahu 3alaihi wa Sallam Madina Taraweeh 1426/2005:

Husain Ale-Shaykh
Abdul-Muhsen Al-Qasem
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Ali Al-Hudaifi

The four Imaam of Masjid Al-Haram,Makkah Taraweeh 1426/2005:

Salah Al-Budair
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The 4 Imaams from the Prophet's Mosque , Medinah Taraweeh year 1426/2005

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Qur'an - Makkah Taraweeh 1425/2004 - CD Quality.

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Quran recitation by Shaikh Su'ud As-Shuraim en Shaikh AbduRahmaan As-Sudais with English translation.

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Free ebook : Al-Quran dan Ilmu Astronomi

udul Asli : Ma Dalla Alaihi Al-Quran, min Ma Ya’dhahu Al-Hai’ah Al-Jadidah Al-Qowimah Al-Burhan
Judul Terjemah : Al-Quran dan Ilmu Astronomi
Penulis : Syaikh Mahmud Syukri Al-Alusi
Takhrij : Syaikh Muhammad Nashiruddin Al-Albani
Tahqiq : Zuhair Asy-Syawisy
Halaman : 300
File : 1.84 MB, djvu

Munculnya buku ustadz Ahmad Sabiq yang berjudul “Matahari Mengelilingi Bumi Sebuah Kepastian Dari Al-Quran dan Sunnah”, sontak membuat pemikiran baru akan teori astronomi, dimana beliau memastikan bahwa sebetulnya Matahari yang mengelilingi bumi, dan bumi sebagai pusat peredaran (geosentris). Tentu saja teori ini bertolak belakang dengan penemuan-penemuan ilmiah yang dipakai sekarang ini, dimana matahari adalah sebagai pusat peredaran (heliosentris).

Pengambilan kesimpulan penulis buku tersebut, tentu saja tidak menggunakan tataran penelitian ilmiah, beliau hanya menyandarkan pada kajian-kajian dari dalil Al-Quran dan sunnah, ditambah fatwa-fatwa ulama yang mendukung. Lantas perkara ini dinyatakan sebagai akidah salafiyah, sehingga orang yang menyatakan sebaliknya langsung di cap keluar dari manhaj salaf dan akidahnya sudah rancu.

Apakah semua ulama salaf(y) mendukung teori geosentris?

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I Appeal to Your Sense of Shame My Muslim Sister, Will You Not Respond?

Judul Asli: I Appeal to Your Sense of Shame My Muslim Sister, Will You Not Respond?
judul terjemahan : Saudariku, Aku Menggugah Rasa Malumu, Tidakkah Kau Ingin Menjawabnya?Penulis: Nawaal Bint Abdullah
Penerbit: Al-Haramain Foundation
Halaman: v + 13 hal pdf

E-Book yang berikut ini adalah sebuah jeritan pilu dari seorang Muslimah, yang menyaksikan kemunduran yang terus-menerus menimpa saudarinya. Sebuah keprihatinan yang mendalam, ketika menyaksikan betapa banyak kaum Muslimah yang terjerat pada tipu daya dan propaganda yang dilancarkan oleh musuh-musuh Islam untuk merusak kehormatan mereka. Betapa cepat dan mudahnya keburukan menerpa, kerusakan menimpa, ketika pakaian malu telah ditanggalkan.

Sebuah tulisan singkat yang sangat menggugah, yang didalamnya berisi nasihat bagi wanita Muslimah, untuk mempertahankan kehormatannya dan kembali mengenakan perhiasan malu, karena sebagaimana sabda Rasulullah shallallahu alaihi wasallam: "Malu itu adalah baik keseluruhannya." (HR Muslim)

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Saudariku, Aku Menggugah Rasa Malumu

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Tafsir Kalimat Tauhid

Judul: Tafsir Kalimat Tauhid
Penulis: Syaikh Rabi bin Hadi

Tauhid merupakan prioritas utama yang harus diketahui dan dipahami oleh setiap Muslim. Tegaknya tauhid akan membuahkan keislaman seseorang yang baik amalan yang baik dan diterima. Sebaliknya rusaknya tauhid akan menyebabkan rusaknya seluruh amal, bahkan dapat mengeluarkan seseorang dari Islam.

Sedemikian pentingnya tauhid, yang menjadi inti dakwah seluruh Nabi dan Rasul yang ditutup dengan risalah kenabian Muahmmad shallallahu alaihi wasallam, membuat para ulama sangat serius memperhatikan dan menyebarkan tulisan dalam rangka berdakwah kepada Tauhid. Salah satunya adalah risalah ringkas ini. Dalam risalah ini, Syaikh Rabi hafidzahullah memaparkan tafsir kalimat tauhid ‘laa ilaaha illaAllah’ serta inti penyimpangan dari aliran-aliran dan pemikiran sesat; dan hubungan dari persaksian tauhid ‘laa ilaaha illaAllah’ dengan ibadah.

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Perjalanan Mencari Kebenaran (indonesia)

Judul Asli: A Search for The Truth, by a man known as Salman the Persian
Penulis: Dr. Saleh as-Saleh
File : 18 hal pdf

Kisah perjalanan Salman al-Farisi sangat menarik untuk disimak, menyimpan banyak pelajaran berharga bagaimana seharusnya sikap seseorang yang menuntut ilmu, seseorang yang mencari kebenaran. Karena kesungguhan dan kebulatan tekatnya, serta keikhlasannya dalam mencari al-Haq, Allah memudahkan baginya petunjuk, sehingga dapat berkumpul bersama Rasulullah shallallahu alaihi wasallam, menjadi salah seorang sahabat beliau.

Oleh penulis, buku ini ditujukan bagi orang-orang yang ingin mencari kebenaran, dari kalangan manapun. Jika Salman al-Farisi telah melalui perjalanan panajang tanpa mengenal lelah untuk mencarinya, maka siapapun yang hendak mencari kebenaran akan melaluinya dalam waktu yang lebih singkat, dengan cara mengambil manfaat dari kisah Salman al-Farisi

Semoga bermanfaat!

download : Perjalanan Mencari Kebenaran

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The Status of Jesus in Islam

The Status of Jesus in Islaam (Right Click and Save)
Download the Text of this book in Arabic (Right Click and Save)

AUTHOR: Shaikh Rabee' bin Haadee Al-Madkhalee
TRANSLATED: Al-Ibaanah Book Publishing
PRODUCED BY: Al-Ibaanah Publications

About the Book:

This is a translation of a short essay “Makaanatu ‘Eesaa fil-Islaam” (The Status of Jesus in Islaam) written by Dr. Rabee’ bin Haadee Al-Madkhalee, a Muslim religious scholar from Saudi Arabia. The source used for this translation was the on-line version of the book, which can be found on

Since the book, for the most part, is geared towards non-Muslim readers, particularly Christians, names of prophets and other righteous believers of the past are presented here in their standard English version, even though, they are pronounced differently in Arabic by Muslims. This was done to make it easier for the non-Muslim audience, who are not accustomed to the Arabic versions of these names, to read the treatise.

Also, in many instances, the word “Allaah” was translated as God, in order to assist non-Muslim readers understand the subject at hand more clearly. However, the proper name of God, Allaah, was left as is in other parts where deemed appropriate.

It is hoped that this treatise may serve as a means to invite and call the Christian community to develop an understanding of how Jesus is viewed in the eyes of the Muslims and what we believe concerning him, as revealed to us by Allaah in the Qur’aan and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.

Quotes from the Book:

“The story of Mary begins with this great connection of mentioning those whom God chose over mankind, which included the family of ‘Imraan, who were the parents of Mary. This is done in order to make it clear that Mary came from a righteous and noble family, and that she was part of the offspring of chosen prophets, and that her mother was a pious woman. An example of her piety and righteousness was that she vowed to offer what was in her womb to the services of God. She was hoping that it would be a boy, but instead she gave birth to a girl. So she returned this matter back to God, seeking His pardon and asking Him to protect her daughter and her offspring from the outcast Devil. So her Lord answered her supplication and warmly accepted Mary, causing her to be raised in a good manner and placing a righteous and merciful prophet, Zachariah, in charge of caring for her. This shows that the mother of Jesus had a tremendous upbringing.”

“God is not in need of begetting a son. Attributing a child to Him is from the greatest forms of disbelief and misguidance, since it constitutes the highest level of insult and deficiency being ascribed to His Honor, Greatness and Lordship. This is since everything apart from God (the Creator) can only be one of His creations, and all of His creations submit themselves to His Honor and Grandness and are mandated to worship Him, whereas God is divine and free of begetting a child. This is why Allaah says to those who ascribe a child to Him, and His speech is the truth: ‘You have indeed brought forth something very terrible (i.e. an evil statement) – due to which the heavens are ready to tear apart, the earth split asunder, and the mountains fall in ruins. It is that they ascribe a child to the Most Merciful (i.e. God). However, it is not befitting for the (Majesty of the) Most Merciful that he should beget a child. There is none in the heavens and the earth except that he comes unto the Most Merciful as a servant. Verily, He knows each one of them, and has counted them a full counting. And each one of them will come to Him on the Day of Resurrection alone (and without any helpers).’”

“6. In Chapter 21 of the Gospel of Matthew, verse 46, it states: ‘But when they tried to arrest him, they feared the multitudes, since they held him to be a prophet. ’There is proof in this verse that the masses of people who believed in God and in Jesus were monotheists with pure and sincere faith, and that they believed that Jesus was a messenger and a prophet. This proves that their prophet, Jesus, had taught them this and cultivated them to believe in that. So they did not used to believe that he was God or the son of God, since he would not teach the people these things.”

“Has not the time come for the Christians, after hearing all of this, to hasten and rush to Islaam, especially the intellectual, educated and free thinking ones amongst them? We call them again to stand up before God in pairs and individually, then to reflect on this tremendous matter – of which there is no matter greater than it – with firm determination and impartiality and earnestly seeking to attain the truth and the reality, for it is indeed a crucial matter, which can either lead one to Paradise, the size of which spans the heavens and the earth, or to the Hellfire, whose fuel will be men and stones and which is prepared for those who disbelieve to reside therein forever. This is a matter that all of the messengers agreed on and which is contained in their revealed books, including Jesus, the servant and messenger of God. At this point, it is appropriate for us to honestly tell you:

‘O People of the Scripture! Come to a word that is just between us and you – that we worship none but God alone and that we associate no partners with Him, and that none of us shall take others as lords besides God.’ Then if they turn away, say: ‘Bear witness that we are Muslims.’”
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