Shollu is an Islamic software that have main purpose to give warning, message or information to the user if prayer time is almost arrived in few minutes or is already arrived. So Moslem can prepare him self to get ready for pray. As Allah has already say in the Noble Quran, which meaning is:

Verily, As-Salat ( the prayer) is enjoined on the believers on fixed hours” ( An-Nisa : 103)

Different with version 2.15 and bellow that only support Indonesian cities, since version 3.00 Shollu, Islamic prayer times also support international place, because shollu v3.00 using Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, time zone and others parameter.

Shollu is a freeware ( you are free to use and distribute ). For details about license please look on the license.

Key Features

  • Small executable size.
  • Support for multi language, except for Unicode.
  • Time format between HH:mm:ss or HH:mm
  • New Skin, there are about 40 nice skin
  • Support many cities in the world, included about 2.341 locations major cities in the world and also 400 Indonesian cities. If you need other locations you can download separated file that cover about 200 countries with more than 5 million places.
  • Time calculation based on Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Time zone and others.
  • Automatic information message before, on and after prayer times.
  • Message for Friday prayer
  • Ability to show message from audio-video file for adzan ( mp3,wav,mid,midi,rmi or video like avi, mpg, asf etc, depend on your computer ).
  • Task Scheduler which have features :
    • Standard message with Information, Error, Warning and Question Icon.
    • Run another program or application (type : command )
    • Shutdown and Hibernate PC ( hibernate for win 2000/XP only)
    • Frequently : daily, weekly, monthly, only once ( yearly ) and when the program start.
    • Easy edit the task file ( task.dat )
    • Show message with scrolling text
    • Conversion date between Hijri (Islamic calendar) and Gregorian.
  • Show information about prayer today times at specific duration time.
  • Create a prayer times table :
    • Time format between HH:mm:ss or HH:mm
    • Select custom date
    • Format HTML, csv and tsv
    • Show Date in Hijri (Islamic calendar) and Gregorian
    • Customize color.


Download Shollu

You can download Shollu (Islamic prayer times for moslem) from here: