Ebook The World of Animals (Pesona Alam Satwa)

Dear Kids! In this book you will learn about the fascinating and admirable features of the lovely animals in nature. While reading the book, you will see how God has created all creatures in the most beautiful way, and how every one of them shows us His endless beauty, power and knowledge

"Do you know all the animals?" We can hear you saying, "Not really. Only some of them." Do you know about these creatures' lives? Do you know how they are born? How they live? How they protect themselves and find food? You probably have no idea about most of the details of these animals' lives. But don't worry! As you read this book, you will learn astounding things about them and be amazed at the various perfections and fine qualities Allah has given these living creatures.

You are already acquainted with many animals. But in this book, you will also get to know some other animals' secret and marvellous worlds, which you have most probably never heard about or seen. You will like them very much. As you continue reading, you will be amazed at the way these animals can accomplish some of the tasks they do. You will see ostriches - the fastest runners in the world, tigers - some of the best sprinters, sharp-teethed squirrels, eye-catching peacocks and, as you meet them, you will come to know them better. Meanwhile, keep in mind that these are only some of the animals that exist in the world… Our planet abounds with countless other animal species.

While seeing the beauties of these creatures, keep in mind that Allah, the Creator of all these creatures, only wants us to think about the infinite might and art in His creation, recognise that He has created everything and that He is the owner of every living being. He also wants us to see the beauty in these living creatures, to take pleasure from their beauty and thereby love Allah and be grateful to Him because He has created all these splendid creatures.

The creation of all the universe, all the lovely animals, plants, night and day and everything surrounding you serves a single purpose: to come to be able to see the sublime and flawless creation of Allah. The purpose is simply to make us, human beings, say, "How graciously Allah has created!" Reading The World of Animals will provide this outlook on the living creatures you see around you.

Are you ready? Now, turn the page and embark on The World of Animals! There is a whole world of wonderful animals waiting for you inside!

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